A Must-Watch Travel Documentary Before You Go

Hey, you! Eager travel junkie!

Before you book that ticket to your next destination, get a little inspiration from this travel documentary – and it’s only 25 minutes long.

Be warned – it’s not the average dreamy travel documentary of destinations unknown. It isn’t going to focus on the beauty of travel. The attitude is quite different. But, with the right mindset, the video is extremely inspiring to all travelers to be the best tourists we can be.

This video will teach you how important it is to be mindful abroad. It will teach you how to empathize with the locals. It will spark ideas on how you can make a positive impact wherever you go. But mostly, it will provide a new perspective on what it means to be a tourist.

Before you watch this video, understand that the tourism industry needs change. This video is the first step to changing the structure and motivation behind the industry. Since its filming 2 years ago, much has changed, and much has remained the same.

Watch for yourself and tell me what you think. But most importantly, share.

If you get just one thing from this video, it’s that we “take our holidays in someone else’s home.”

Thank you Responsible Travel for making this video.

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